Method & Approach to Violin Teaching

Posted by Jennifer Lewis

I believe anyone can be taught to play the violin. Playing the violin promotes self-confidence, goal setting, self-achievement and a lifelong love of music.

The Suzuki Method of teaching violin suggests that people learn by listening, imitating and repetition of sounds, just as babies learn to speak their native language. This method creates a unique partnership between the teacher, parent and child because of the involvement of each.

Complimentary theory skills will be learned in alignment with the Suzuki repertoire. Students will also study rhythms, note reading, scales, vibrato, bowing techniques, tuning, practice skills, and more.

How it works

Myself, the student (beginning at age 5), and the parent meet each week for a personal and individually-focused lesson. Beginning students start with a 30 minute lesson and as they progress and gain a larger repertoire, lessons can be lengthened to 60 minutes. At home, the parent works with the child on daily practice and listening throughout the week.



My name is Jennifer Lewis. I was married on June 20th, 2009 to my best friend. AJ and I currently live in Hurricane, Utah. I recieved my Degree in Music from Dixie State College. We love southern Utah and enjoy being outdoors and getting to know all of the amazing people here.
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